What is a Wedding Consultation?

At Notton House Photography, we offer a complimentary wedding consultation to every Bride and Groom who enquires with us.  Our wedding consultations are without any obligation and 100% free.  A Wedding Consultation is what we call it but other names are a Pre-Wedding Meeting, Wedding Consult or a Photography Consultation.  They are all the same thing!

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Wedding Photography Terms and Definitions

There's so much to get your head around when you're planning a wedding.  You've got suppliers, dates, colour schemes plus all the new wedding photography terms that each wedding supplier (or 'vendor'!) starts talking to you in!  Read on to make sense of all the wedding photography terms and jargon that Wedding Photographers use.  It's like a whole new language - but don't worry, we've got you covered!

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Reasons Not to Have Your Photo Taken

One of the 'reasons' not to have your photo taken that comes up is "Oh,  I'm so not photogenic!" - usually said with a laugh to dispel any comments from others that may come up (self-deprecation is a defensive tactic we use to pre-empt our fear of other people pointing out our insecurities).  Already, just by reading this, your subconscious mind is telling you what 'photogenic' means and bringing up all the instances and negative thoughts that are in your memory.  All those doubts and fears are starting to creep in.  I felt it when I wrote down the word 'photogenic'. Eek.

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Portrait Session Preparation - Client Tips - Part 3: Hair

So what can you do in your portrait session preparation to help you have amazing hair?

Colour / Touch ups - Three days before your photoshoot visit your trusted salon and have your roots touched up.  If you usually colour you hair you can also have it re-done if needed but don't be tempted to go for a drastic change of colour.  Now is not the time for that - trust me!

Trim - While your at your hairdressers, have a trim and a tidy up.  Again, don't suddenly cut off all your hair if you've never done it before!

Conditioning - This can be done at home with some fabulous deep conditioning treatments or go all out and get a head massage and professional conditioning treatment at the salon.

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How to Make a Flower Crown

Popular reasons to wear or make a flower crown:

Flower Crowns for Parties

  1. Hen Parties.  What a beautiful way to spend time with your family, friends and bridesmaids!  You could make your own flower crown each to wear for the rest of the day or evening!
  2. Birthday Parties.  It really doesn't matter if the party is for you or your daughter.  You'll both have so much fun playing with pretty flowers that the time will whizz by!
  3. Baby Showers.  Awww.. Imagine sitting in a room with your best girlfriends and creating flower crowns together.  Why not make your own and wear them all day?  Perhaps have a prize for the best flower crown!  Have your photo taken wearing your beautiful new headpiece and add it to the scrapbook Mummy-to-be is sure to have!

Flowers Crowns for Photo Shoots

  1. Maternity Photo shoots.  On the theme of babies here, flower crowns are the perfect addition to any maternity photoshoot.  There's something about having a delicate, romantic floral headpiece to accessorise a long, flowing chiffon dress... Need I say more?
  2. Portrait Photo shoots.  While we're on the subject of photo sessions, have you thought about having a flower crown made specifically for your portrait session?  I love it when clients bring a flower crown to shoots with them!  I can even create them for you (with silk or paper flowers as I do completely rock at those!) or Rachel at Woodland Blossoms will create a one of kind, totally unique flower crown just for you.
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Preparing for your Photoshoot - Skin

Waxing / Shaving - Please, if you've never had a wax before, you don't need to start now!  If you usually shave your body hair then go right ahead and shave a the day before your photoshoot.

Exfoliate & Moisturise - As with your face, the skin on your body needs a little love and attention too.  Try to exfoliate and moisturise a couple of times in the weeks leading up to your session.

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Photoshoot Makeup - Summer 2017

Summer is almost here and that means summer photoshoot makeup! So what's on trend for summer makeup in 2017 and how does it relate to your photoshoot?

Photoshoot makeup is quite different from everyday makeup or party makeup.  Things that work well for everyday wear or sparkling night time looks don't always translate well in camera.  Saying that though, it does work perfectly the other way around!  Let me explain..

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Things That Can Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day

If you've ever heard the saying "If things can go wrong on your wedding day, they will", then you'll know what I'm talking about. I was told that all the time when planning my wedding, just like thousands of Brides out there today. The thing is, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and being a wedding and portrait photographer, in actually comes in really handy.  Yes there are lots of things that can go wrong on your wedding day. But they actually don't have to. There are ways to avoid them and that is what this post is all about.

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Valentines Date Night Ideas

Happy Valentines Day!

Check out these fab ideas for tonight - Make this Valentines Day awesome!

  1. Board game night. What’s your favourite board game to play together? Whether it's Monopoly, Cluedo, or Pictionary, grab a couple of glasses of wine and settle in for a game or two!  You could even make it more interesting with dares, eg. "If I win, you have to do the dishes for a week!" or "If you win I have to do everything you say for the next hour!"
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